PhD Theses

Eirini Nikoloudi

Event Management and Event Response Planning for Smart Water Networks

University of Exeter

Arthur Hajaali

Flow separation behaviour within different diffusers using Large Eddy Simulation

Cardiff University

Anna Lo Jacomo

Multi-hazard exposure of cities and implications for urban infrastructure

University of Bristol

Cain Moylan

Sensitivity, uncertainty and refinement in a global flood model

University of Bristol

Rosanna Lane

National-scale hydrological modelling of high flows across Great Britain: multi-model structures, regionalisation approaches and climate change analysis with uncertainty

University of Bristol

Stamatis Batelis

The impact of groundwater representation in land surface models under current and future scenarios in the UK

University of Bristol

Paul Bayle

Coastal protection and nearshore evolution under sea level rise

University of Bath, October 2020

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Olivia Bailey

Sewer systems of the future: developing a stochastic sewer model to support design of sustainable wastewater systems

University of Bath, September 2020

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Olivia Cooke

Assessment and mitigation of stormwater runoff in an informal settlement

University of Bath, July 2020

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Ioanna Stamataki

Experimental and numerical investigation of flash floods and their interaction with urban settlements

University of Bath, June 2020

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Olivia Milton-Thompson

Developing a risk assessment model using fuzzy logic to assess groundwater contamination from hydraulic fracturing

University of Exeter, March 2020

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Ludovica Beltrame

Simulating the risk of liver fluke infection in the UK through mechanistic hydro-epidemiological modelling

University of Bristol, January 2020

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Maria Xenochristou

Water demand forecasting using machine learning on weather and smart metering data

University of Exeter, November 2019

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Nejc Coz

Numerical and experimental modelling of tidal range structures with focus on conservation of momentum through hydraulic structures

Cardiff University, October 2019

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Jonathan King

Investigation and prediction of pollution in coastal and estuarine waters, using experimental and numerical methods

Cardiff University, October 2019

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Laurence Hawker

Regional flood models and Digital Elevation Model (DEM) uncertainty

University of Bristol, June 2019

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Wouter Knoben

Investigating conceptual model structure uncertainty: progress in large-sample comparative hydrology

University of Bristol, June 2019

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Mariano Marinari

Quantification and valorisation of agricultural bioresource residues in England

University of Bath, May 2019

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James Webber

Reliable and resilient surface water management through rapid scenario screening

University of Exeter, April 2019

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Barnaby Dobson

Uncertainty in modelling and optimising operations of reservoir systems

University of Bristol, March 2019

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Joshua Myrans

Automated analysis of sewer CCTV surveys

University of Exeter, March 2019

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