Santiago Martelo Lopez

Project: Numerical modelling of turbulent interfacial flows and fluid-structure interaction 

Supervisors: Dr Zhihua Xie and Professor Shunqi Pan

Santi is a Naval Architect and Ocean Engineer and has graduated with a Master’s degree in Industrial Mathematics. As a student he underwent internships at the Astican Shipyard and the Hydraulics Institute of Cantabria, where he acquired experience working as a Junior Engineer in repair and conversion of oceangoing ships and offshore structures, as well as R&D projects with FEM/CFD software and other numerical methods for modelling hydro-mechanics of marine renewable devices.

A key aspect of his PhD project is improving efficiency and developing simulation technologies in CFD software packages for modelling turbulent flows, waves, wind and current effects on both fixed and floating offshore structures; for instance, adaptive mesh and turbulence models; Immersed Boundary and Galerkin Discontinuous methods. Among practical case studies where to apply the skills gained during his PhD are ensuring reliability when designing marine artefacts, checking what key systems may be prone to failure due to structural loading from wind and waves, increasing operational time of crane vessels, floating platforms for wind turbines, TEC (Tidal Energy Converters) and WEC (Wave Energy Converters) units under rough weather conditions.

Research Interests

  • Applications of artificial neural networks to CFD simulations.
  • Performing multi-body simulations for studying the interaction between floating artefacts.
  • Optimisation methods and integral design of floating platforms for marine renewables.
  • Scouring effects around supports of heavy lift vessels for the installation of wind turbines


2020 Industry Day Research Poster

2019 Summer School Research Presentation