Elisa Coraggio

Project: Hydroinformatics of smart cities: real-time water quality prediction model for surface water

Supervisors: Professor Dawei Han, Professor Weiru Liu and Dr Theo Tryfonas


Water is one of the most important resources for human society. The world is currently undergoing a wave of urban growth, and pollution problems are of great impact. Monitoring water quality is vital for the future of both the environment and the human species.

Over the past few decades, lots of effort has been put on monitoring and predicting water quality using traditional approaches based on manual collection and laboratory-based analysis, which are slow and laborious. This study proposes a new methodology for implementing a water quality prediction model using Artificial Intelligence techniques and comparing the results obtained with different algorithms. Furthermore, a physically based model will be created for the hydrodynamics and water quality using Delft3D Flexible Mesh, and simulation results will be used as  training data-set for the Artificial Intelligence algorithm. This study derives the methodology and demonstrates its implementation based on information and data collected at the floating harbour in the city of Bristol.

Academic Background
Elisa is a PhD student in the Water and Environmental Engineering Group at the University of Bristol. Her research is focused on developing a real time water quality prediction model using Artificial Intelligence algorithms for the Bristol floating harbour.

More recently, she has successfully completed a course on environmental modelling using Delft3D Flexible Mesh. Current work includes completing a literature review on the topic of water quality monitoring and prediction in smart cities.

Before joining the WISE CDT PhD programme, Elisa graduated in 2017 with an MSc in Civil Engineering at the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio in Italy. Her dissertation was entitled: ‘The effect of wind on Lake Balaton’s sediment transportation.’ During her Master’s degree, Elisa undertook an 11-month placement at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics as part of the Erasmus Programme. Prior to this, she graduated with a BSc in Civil and Environmental Engineering in 2015 from the same university.

Research Interests

  • Hydroinformatics
  • Water quality
  • Real-time prediction models
  • Artificial Intelligence