We are pleased and proud to receive CIWEM accreditation for the WISE CDT programme. This is CIWEM’s first accreditation of a PhD course and covers all our intakes from 2014-15 to 2018-19 inclusive. Areas of good practice highlighted by the accreditation panel include the relationships with and between student cohorts, our industry links and the ability of students to draw on academic expertise and facilities across the four universities.

CIWEM accreditation is  important to the WISE CDT because it provides external validation of the quality of our programme. It supports the aim of raising professional standards in the water and environment sector by ensuring that the skillsets of our students meet the demands of the profession. CIWEM accreditation also provides assurance to UK and overseas applicants to the programme. We believe that membership of CIWEM is an important core strand of our students’ professional development, offering many advantages such as networking through branch meetings and events.  Following a CIWEM-accredited programme also enhances students’ career prospects by facilitating their path to Chartership. 

CIWEM membership is complimentary to students registered on undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and lasts for the duration of your programme of study. Becoming a student member will demonstrate to future employers your commitment to a career in Water & Environmental Management, and also includes a digital subscription to the Environment Magazine and opportunities to expand your professional network through participation in branch activities and events. Further information and an online application form are available on the CIWEM Student Member page. If you have any questions about membership, please don’t hesitate to email


“As a student member of CIWEM it is great to see the WISE CDT programme acknowledged as a CIWEM accredited course. It demonstrates to future employers that CIWEM recognises the course content is relevant to the professional disciplines in the water and environmental management sector, where many of us aspire to end up working.”

Laura Wignall (Cohort 3)


“The WISE CDT is well structured to teach the fundamental scientific and practical principles of water engineering design to researchers from multi-disciplinary backgrounds. The course is a great gateway to bring new perspectives into environmental engineering – in particular by advancing best practice through linking new computational tools to water management challenges. CIWEM’s accreditation of the programme is an excellent benchmark of quality to communicate the benefit of the CDT to future employers and collaborators.”

James Webber (Cohort 1)