Aims of the CDT


Management of the water cycle has already gained from advances in computing, ICT and hydroinformatics. However, for UK society to take full advantage of leading-edge technologies we need to develop hydroinformaticians, scientists and engineers who are capable of working at the interface of traditionally separate informatics, science and engineering disciplines to effectively manage the information and water cycles.


  • The overall aim of the WISE CDT is to fill the skills gap by offering a postgraduate programme that fosters new levels of innovation and collaboration to train a cohort of engineers and scientists at the boundary of water informatics, sciences and engineering.


  • The WISE CDT hopes to establish a vibrant research and learning community which is uniquely placed to train the highest calibre of students with the required skills in informatics, water science and engineering to address issues from across the Water Industry and community.


  • The WISE CDT aims to produce cohorts of highly employable, skilled and talented researchers who are equipped to deal with the multi-faceted challenges facing the water sector and wider society in the 21st century.