Partner Universities


The four partner universities are internationally recognised for the quality of their research and education in the areas of water informatics, science and engineering, and have strong links with water industry and governmental organisations involved in managing and improving the water environment. Collectively, over 40 Principal Investigators have published over 800 papers in leading international journals.

University of Exeter

The Centre for Water Systems brings together researchers from civil, environmental, computational and other areas of engineering to address key challenges in water system engineering.

University of Bath

The Water Innovation & Research at Bath is a collaboration with Wessex Water which provides an environment to engage globally in research and policy on water technologies and resource management.

University of Bristol

The Cabot Institute for the Environment’s Water Theme offers world leading research, training and innovation in hydrology, biogeochemistry and water resources.

Cardiff University

The Hydro-environmental Research Centre has an international reputation in environmental water management and focuses their research on hydro-environmental computational models for transport processes in coastal water, estuaries and river basins.