Research Visits


The universities of Bath, Bristol, Cardiff and Exeter have strong links with the international academic community, as well as consulting engineering and IT companies, water companies, government departments, and also agencies involved in managing and improving the water environment.


Each WISE CDT student is able to spend 3 months undertaking a research visit as part of their programme. This visit could be overseas at a partner academic institution or in the UK, participating in a research visit with an industrial and/or government agency partner.


Whilst undertaking the research visit, WISE students will work on their research in agreement with their primary supervisor and under the supervision of experts in the appropriate area. Our partner universities and companies have agreed to host WISE students and to help develop their research, transferable and leadership skills. WISE students and external supervisors will be encouraged to write papers on the collaborative work, jointly with the primary supervisor(s), as appropriate.


WISE students are required to provide an outline proposal to the WISE Programme Management Group (PMG) so that the importance of the research visit to the student’s PhD can be evaluated.