Dr Simbi Hatchard

PhD Thesis: Modelling the Viability of Small Hydroelectric Power on the Zambezi Basin

PhD Supervisors: Professor Paul Bates, Dr Francesca Pianosi and Dr Sam Williamson

Simbi obtained a BSc in Physics from the Warwick University in 2009, and completed an MSc in Civil Engineering at the University of Southampton in 2011. For his MSc dissertation, Simbi undertook an investigation into modelling the operation of Waste Stabilisation Ponds using software originally developed to study the evolution of water quality in large water bodies, such as lakes and reservoirs.

Work Experience
After completing his MSc, Simbi joined WSP Group as a Graduate Engineer in 2012, working in Development Planning, in which he completed Transport Assessments, junction designs and transport systems modelling. In 2014, Simbi went on to work as a Flood Risk and Drainage Engineer at WYG Group, completing Flood Risk Assessments, drainage surveys and undertaking drainage design and modelling for private housing developments.

Simbi will soon start work on his PhD topic “Viability of Low Head Hydropower in Developing Countries under Current and Future Conditions”.

Research Interests

  • Water–energy–food nexus
  • Sustainable development
  • Large scale hydrodynamic modelling
  • Climate change
  • Hydropower
  • Remote sensing in data sparse regions


2017 Summer School Research Presentation

2017 Summer School Research Poster