Catherine Leech

Project: Hydro-environmental characteristics and modelling of wake dynamics of turbines and sluices in lagoons and barrages

Supervisors: Dr Reza Ahmadian and Professor Roger Falconer


Catherine is a WISE CDT student based at Cardiff University with interests in sustainable energy and the environmental impacts of hydraulic structures. The working title of her thesis project is: ‘Hydro-Environmental Characteristics and Modelling of Wake Dynamics of Turbines and Sluices in Lagoons and Barrages’, supervised by Professor Roger Falconer and Dr Reza Ahmadian.

Catherine previously studied an undergraduate degree in Environmental Geoscience at Cardiff University, producing a dissertation on the effects of human management on river flow characteristics. Following on from this she chose to stay at Cardiff to complete an MSc in Sustainable Energy and Environment, focusing on the impacts of the proposed Severn Barrage. It was this project that lead to Catherine’s current interest in the Swansea Bay Lagoon which is the focus of her postgraduate research.

To diversify her career, Catherine took time out of academia to train as a teacher and from 2012 to 2016 taught Mathematics in a secondary school in Blackpool. During this time she completed a Master’s in education to better understand the efficacy of the interventions utilised in teaching GCSE Maths. Whilst thoroughly enjoying her time teaching young people, Catherine chose the WISE CDT as an opportunity to return to research and engage with some of the questions facing the sustainable management of our water resources.

Research Interests

  • Sustainable Energy
  • Environmental engineering
  • Environmental and hydrological modelling
  • Data management and analysis


WISE Summer School 2018 Poster: Catherine_Leech_Jun18