Giovanni Musolino

Project: Flood modelling and hazard assessment for extreme events in riverine basins

Supervisors: Dr Reza Ahmadian and Professor Roger Falconer


Natural hazards, such as flooding, can have a significant impact on people’s lives and on sustainable development processes.

Numerical models are used by engineers and planners; to understand, predict and assess the extent of flood events. However, those models need to be developed and adapted for different conditions, events and characteristics.

The main area of Giovanni’s research is on numerical modelling. In detail, 2D and 1D/2D coupled flood modelling. The aim of his research will be to produce an improved, fully conservative 1D/2D coupled model that includes shock capturing algorithm (SCA), to predict hydrodynamic processes in river and estuarine water. In particular, where short steep catchments are drained.

Although 1D models are more suitable for predicting flood conditions in smaller rivers, which are more common in short steep catchments, for this kind of catchment a SCA is needed to have good and robust results. 1D models and 1D/2D coupled models require less resources in terms of computational time and power respect to 2D models. They are therefore more suitable for real time predictions and early warning systems that could be used to manage and assess the impact of flooding on short steep catchments. For floods generated in such topographic conditions, the flow is generally fast and destructive and it is crucial to have accurate predictions, with sufficient amount of time in advance, in order to assess the danger posed by such floods.

Academic Background

In June 2017, Giovanni completed the Postgraduate School in Water Informatics at University of Exeter. In September 2017 he moved at University of Cardiff where for the next 3 years of this PhD he will be developing his research project.

His previous academic background includes:

  • MSc in Analysis and Mitigation of Hydro-Geological Risk at University “Sapienza” of Rome, Italy.
  • MEng in Civil Engineering with specialization in Water, River and Coastal Engineering at University “Mediterranea” of Reggio Calabria, Italy.
  • BEng in Civil Engineering at University “Mediterranea” of Reggio Calabria, Italy.

Work Experience
Giovanni has extensive work experience both in academia and industry. In academia as a Research Fellow at the University of Malta, where he was involved in a project regarding geophysical methods and measurement applied to the evaluation of the coastal cliff stability and the evaluation of site effects and soil structure resonance. In industry as a Freelance Engineer working for a number of different companies throughout Italy; in the sector of water and environmental engineering.

Research Interests
Flood Risk, Water Management, Hydraulic modelling, Water pollution, Natural Hazards, Water & Environmental Engineering, and Renewable Energy.

Other Interests
Outside of academia and industry, Giovanni has various interests, including: playing guitar, swimming, wildlife photography, trekking and cooking.


2020 Industry Day Research Poster

2017 Summer School Research Presentation

2017 Summer School Research Poster