Alex Stubbs

Job: Research Assistant

Employer: University College London

Project: Using Large-Eddy Simulation to model near-bed and pore space turbulent flow in gravel riverbeds

Supervisors: Dr Michaela Bray and Professor Shunqi Pan


Prior to attending university, Alex worked as a Chainboy for MWH Treatment UK (now part of Stantec) on a £45+ million sewage treatment works upgrade scheme at Claymills in Burton-upon-Trent.

In 2012 Alex started reading for a Bachelors in Civil Engineering (BEng) at Cardiff University. Whilst there Alex volunteered for the charity Mothers of Africa as a finance coordinator for a project to install solar panels at a rural health post in Zambia. This was a nine-month project where Alex facilitated the sourcing and purchasing of all the required materials and organised the logistical side of the project culminating in travelling to Zambia for two weeks in September 2014. Whilst at university Alex also worked as a Junior Site Engineer for MWH Treatment UK (now part of Stantec). This role focussed on putting together a successful tender bid for a £7.5 million biological filter bed remedial scheme. Alex also undertook internships with Ch2m (now part of Jacobs) and Network Rail based in asset management teams prior to graduating in 2015 with a 2:1.

Upon joining the WISE EPSRC CDT programme in 2015 Alex chose Master’s level modules in management concepts, urban drainage, and waste water management gaining a 1st overall for this postgraduate school element of the WISE programme.

Alex started his formal PhD at Cardiff University in June 2016, focusing on numerical modelling of near-bed and pore space turbulent flows in gravel riverbeds. As part of this research Alex created an artificial riverbed for experimental verification of a simulation developed using the finite volume LES code Hydro3D. From September to December 2018 Alex spent time in New Zealand collaborating with the University of Canterbury and Aqualinc Research Ltd to further his expertise and contribute to a wider project proposal.

Outside of academia and industry, Alex has a wide range of interests including being a qualified swimming teacher, rock climbing and undertaking the restoration of classic cars.

Future Plans

Alex is actively seeking industrial or academic roles that will further develop his coding, numerical and analytical skills.

Current Role

Alex joined University College London as a Research Assistant in February 2020 and is currently undertaking numerous research projects including the Large-Eddy Simulation of COVID-19 droplet dispersion (project website:


Stubbs, A; Stoesser, T; Bockelmann-Evans, B. 2018. Developing an Approximation of a Natural, Rough Gravel Riverbed Both Physically and Numerically. Geosciences 8(12), 449. DOI: 10.3390/geosciences8120449.


2017 Summer School Research Presentation 

2017 Summer School Research Poster