Cain Moylan

Project: Sensitivity, uncertainty and refinement in global flood modelling

Supervisors: Dr Jeff Neal and Professor Jim Freer

Cain’s home institution for the WISE program is the University of Bristol. Prior to this course, he studied at Cardiff University and received a MEng in Civil Engineering, in the summer of 2015. Whilst at Cardiff, his major final year project undertaken was the design of an integrated wind and solar farm. Whilst his colleagues design the wind component, Cain focused on the solar component, overseeing the design of the entire solar park, and a rudimentary design of the electrical components. This project cultivated a strong interest in renewable energy, as well as providing valuable insight into how to solve problems of which Cain did not have prior knowledge.

Work Experience

Cain has undertaken various volunteering projects  during his degree. He spent time in Ghana and Tanzania, aiding in the construction of household rainwater harvesters and new toilets for a school, respectively. Whilst these were not specifically technical projects, he learnt a lot about the value of logistics and infrastructure, in the context of the developing world; specifically in the context of water resource.

He is looking to pursue this further in the future, with a project in Thailand organised. This involves the re-routing of a spring water source in a rural area to local villages, which are struggling with water scarcity. This will also help to reduce the incidence of infection due to the contaminated water sources currently used.

Research Interests

  • Flood modelling in data sparse regions
  • Applications of big data to the water industry / water modelling
  • Sensitivity and uncertainty in flood modelling
  • Hydrodynamics at the catchment scale
  • Water infrastructure in the developing world


2017 Summer School Research Presentation

2017 Summer School Research Poster