Dr Debbie Shackleton

Job: Research Associate

Employer: Imperial College London

PhD Thesis: Investigating the Relationship between Climate and Cholera

PhD Supervisors: Professor Fayyaz Memon and Professor Albert Chen

Debbie was a PhD student on the WISE CDT programme between 2017-23 and was based in the Centre for Water Systems at the University of Exeter. Her research was focused on water management in developing countries.  During the Coronavirus pandemic, Debbie suspended her PhD studies to take up a placement at the Joint Biosecurity Centre on COVID research.  Debbie successfully defended her PhD thesis on ‘Investigating the Relationship between Climate and Cholera’ on 17th November 2023.

Debbie is currently a Research Associate in Malaria Modelling at Imperial College London.

Academic Background

Prior to joining the WISE CDT, Debbie graduated from the University of Exeter with an MEng (Hons) in Civil Engineering. Her MEng dissertation was titled: ‘Design of a lightweight and compact water filtration system for disaster-stricken communities.’ 

Research Interests

  • Water management issues in developing countries
  • Identification, development and assessment of feasible sustainable solutions for drought management and emergency supplies in disaster stricken communities.
  • The development and application of computational modelling tools to support decision making on water management in developing countries.