Stephen Clee

Project: 3-D modelling of offshore sandbank dynamics

Supervisors: Professor Shunqi Pan and Dr Catherine Wilson


Stephen is a PhD student currently on the WISE CDT course based in Exeter and completing his research with Cardiff University. Stephen graduated from Cardiff University in 2013 with a MEng in Civil and Environmental Engineering. He completed his dissertation entitled “An Analysis of the CO2 reduction potential of Wave Energy Systems”.

During the undergraduate course he completed several projects including designing a hotel, designing a car park and a wind turbine. Stephen also completed coursework related to the remediation of contaminated land, alternative energy systems and wave analysis. He has also completed modules in other fields such as environmental law, business, accounting, economics and management in industry.

Work Experience

As part of the MEng course he undertook a 7 month placement with Wedge Galvanisers working to create a map of their drainage system and sample the waste to ensure that it complied with national and EU standards for contaminants.

Whilst studying at Exeter, Stephen has completed modules including Software Programming, Mathematical Modelling of Wastewater Treatment Processes, Computational Fluid Dynamics and Environmental Processes. He has completed several projects such as writing a genetic algorithm, designing and calibrating a water supply network and optimising a reservoir.

Research Interests

Modelling the effects of sandbanks on coastal morphology and sediment transport processes


2017 Summer School Research Presentation

2017 Summer School Research Poster