Eirini Nikoloudi

Project: Event management and post event response planning for Intelligent Water Networks

Supervisors: Professors Zoran Kapelan and Fayyaz Memon; Dr Michele Romano (United Utilities)

Eirini holds an MEng in Civil Engineering from National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) from 2015.

Work Experience
Eirini completed an internship at the environmental consulting firm ‘Geoveta AB’, Stockholm, Sweden in 2015/2016. The tasks that she dealt with were related to environmental investigation and sampling methods in soil, water and constructions. During the internship, samples from rivers and lakes were taken and analysed for water quality. Additionally, flow measurements were taken to estimate river capacity and the possibility of a flood event. Eirini gained skills in field experience, knowledge of sampling methods, environmental data analysing methods, learning of environmental legislation and understanding of the role of a consultant.

Research Interests

  • Smart water networks for a more sustainable water distribution system
  • Water quality in the distribution systems
  • Control of water quality in natural water sources


WISE 2017 Summer School Presentation: Eirini_Nikoloudi_Jun17[1]

June 2017 Poster: Eirini Nikoloudi Jun17