Rosanna Lane

Project: National scale hydrological modelling in the UK, with assessment of climate change impact on river flows and flooding

Supervisors: Professors Jim Freer and Thorsten Wagener


Rosanna Lane is a PhD student on the WISE CDT programme, based at the University of Bristol. She is currently in the first year of the programme and has taken urban drainage and numerical methods as optional modules.

Rosanna previously completed an MSci in Geography from the University of Bristol. During this degree she specialised in hydrology, environmental change and spatial / statistical modelling. In her final year she focussed on hydrological modelling, earth system modelling and environmental policy.

For her dissertation, Rosanna used an earth system model of intermediate complexity to model the potential impact of crop albedo bio-geoengineering, as a climate change mitigation strategy. In particular, she investigated how regional application of crop albedo bio-geoengineering could have far reaching impacts on temperature and precipitation patterns globally. This project involved using R for data analysis and visualisation and use of high performance computing.

Her final year project was modelling the impact of climate change on flood hazard in 3 UK catchments, with a particular focus on hydrological modelling uncertainty. This involved using an ensemble of climate projections applied via a quantile change factor approach. Four hydrological models were applied under an uncertainty assessment framework, allowing assessment of hydrological modelling structural and parameter uncertainty. The impact of climate change on high flows in each catchment was analysed alongside the uncertainty surrounding these projections.

Research Interests

  • Flood risk
  • Flood hazard
  • Climate change
  • Hydrological modelling
  • Uncertainty analysis


2017 Summer School Research Presentation

2017 Summer School Research Poster