Bert Swart

Project: A new method of microbubble generation for Dissolved Air Flotation 

Supervisors: Dr Jannis Wenk and Professor John Chew


Bert graduated in 2017 with a MEng (Hons) in Chemical Engineering from the University of Bath. He plans to return to Bath to work on his research project as part of the WISE programme. In his final year he completed a group design project designing a plant which converts CO2 into useful hydrocarbon products as well as an individual design of a Reverse Water Gas Shift Reactor.

Industrial Placement

Bert undertook a yearlong placement as part of his MEng Degree as a Trainee Process Engineer within the Process Management Group at Coveris Advanced Coating. Working within a small engineering team, Bert undertook a wide variety of tasks and was given a significant amount of responsibility within this role. Such tasks included leading the design and installation of an upgraded filtration system, as well as developing pressure calculations for a feed system in order to model the flowrates that could be achieved with different types of fluid.

Research Interests    

  • Process modelling
  • Treatment of wastewater
  • Focussing on applications in developing areas of the world