Vasilis Koukoravas

Project: Improved leakage related modelling, configuration and operational management of Intermittent Water Supply (IWS)

Supervisor: Professors Raziyeh Farmani and Zoran Kapelan

Vasilis is based at University of Exeter as part of the WISE CDT PhD programme. His research revolves around Intermittent Water Supply (IWS) systems which are predominantly found in developing countries, but also in developed countries due to various factors such as water scarcity, excessive leakage, incapacity of the water distribution network etc. His project aims to improve the hydraulic modelling of such systems in order to provide a better understanding of the complex interrelation between demand leakage and pressure. A robust hydraulic model will further help to develop configuration strategies and operational management techniques which ultimately aims to reduce leakage, preserve network infrastructure and provide a better level of service for customers. Future plans involve visiting a current case study of IWS in Zimbabwe in order to collect data and have a closer look at the configuration and operation of such systems.


Vasilis studied Civil Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens in Greece, specialising in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering. During that time, he undertook an internship at Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company allowing him to gain experience in both office and field work.

Contemporary research fields and methods such as data science and stochastic modelling drew his attention towards the end of his Master’s degree, leading him to develop a spatiotemporal probabilistic model for precipitation forecasting around the Mediterranean for his thesis, which was entitled ‘Stochastic analysis of the spatiotemporal variability of precipitation in the Mediterranean region’.

Research Interests

  • Hydraulic modelling
  • Water Supply systems
  • Predictive and stochastic analysis applied on environmental engineering
  • Developing decision support tools for water related problems
  • Software developing