GW4 WSA PhD Con2020

A team of PhD students from across the GW4 led an exciting new conference – the ‘GW4 WSA PhD Con2020: Knowledge Flow – Building Bridges between Science & Community’ – from 28-30th September 2020. Working with the WSA and The Flow Partnership, their event brought together practitioners working with communities across the world, and researchers, working in fields spanning climate change, water scarcity and resource management, flood risk and policy, to explore this vital ‘knowledge flow’.

The winners of the Flash Talks and Poster Competition, largely made up of WISE CDT students, were as follows.

Flash Talks:

  1. Daisy Harley-Nyang
  2. Elle Von Benzon
  3. James Rand, Salmatta Ibrahim, Sam Rowley and Giulia Giani

Poster Competition:

  1. Daisy Harley-Nyang (and People’s Choice)
  2. Giulia Giani
  3. James Rand and Efe-Eyefia