Sally Pearl

Project: Investigating the influence of geologic bombs and reservoir management on biogeochemical cycling of trace metals and resultant water quality

Supervisors: Dr Lee Bryant, Dr Thomas Kjeldsen and Dr Pedro Estrela


Sally graduated in September 2017 with an MSc in Environmental Sciences from the University of East Anglia. Her dissertation was entitled ‘Assessing the effectiveness for roadside sediment traps at mitigating sediment pollution in the River Wensum’. She also has a BSc in Marine Biology from Newcastle University.

Work Experience

Prior to joining the WISE CDT PhD Programme, Sally worked as a Marine and Coastal Adviser for Natural England. She has also previously worked in roles that focused on policy development, scientific research and land management, including several years in pharmaceutical development and time spent working on a wetland nature reserve.


Richard J.Cooper, Zachary M.Battams, Sally H.Pearl, Kevin M.Hiscock. Mitigating river sediment enrichment through the construction of roadside wetlands. Journal of Environmental Management. 

Research Interests

  • Water quality
  • Riverine sediment pollution
  • Wetlands as a pollution management tool
  • Statistical modelling