Student Case Study: Maria Xenochristou

Maria Xenochristou, supervised by Professors Kapelan and Keedwell, is working closely with Dr Chris Hutton from Wessex Water to develop improved demand forecasting methodology. Maria has used demand based data provided by the Wessex Water from smart meters collected at half-hourly intervals for the period of several years from over 5,000 properties across the South West of England. It is particularly useful as the demand corresponds with household characteristics (garden size, rateable value, and council tax band), socio-economic data (ACORN groups and types) and weather data acquired from the Met office (UK) and NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – U.S. Department of Commerce). Maria is currently preparing a paper on a link between water demand and weather that will be presented at the CCWI conference in Sheffield in September 2017.