National Science and Engineering Week – Bath Taps in to Science

On 17 March 2017 as part of National Science and Engineering week, Ioanna Stamataki and Olivia Cooke played a key role in the Bath Taps into Science event on the University of Bath campus, where they are based. It is a local science festival for Bath and the surrounding area. Groups of children from local schools came along. Stalls from many disciplines were erected in the sports hall, including one from the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, which was organised by Olivia and Ioanna. It had 5 different activities, including making a rain cloud with shaving cream and food colouring.  The children enjoyed wandering around the exhibits, inspired by the broad range of activities that science has to offer. Ioanna explains “All the experiments on our stall were a big hit, with the activity to decide which substance was best at cleaning pennies bringing out the competitive side of the children! Who knew ketchup would do as well as it did? The water filter that cleaned muddy water also seemed to impress them; we tried to get across the message of the importance of clean water. We will definitely be there next year too!”

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