Industry Awareness Event


Student Ioanna Stamataki presents her research

WISE CDT held an event for industrial partners aiming to promote the research it carries out and how this could assist in solving water challenges. Around fifty people attending the event held in Atkins offices, Bristol, including representatives from Wessex Water, Arup, Welsh Water, RSKW and Atkins.IMG_3751

A number of cohort 1 students presented their research so far, topics include:


• A new ecosystem service approach for nutrient, energy, and water management at catchment scale, Mariano Marinari, University of Bath.
• Advanced hydraulic modelling for flood risk analysis, Ioanna Stamataki, University of Bath.
• High resolution flood modelling of deltas, Laurence Hawker, University of Bristol.
• Simulating the risk of Liver Fluke infection using a mechanistic hydro-epidemiological model, Ludovica Beltrame, University of Bristol.
• Modelling the impact of marine renewable energy structures and devices on flood risk and water quality, Nejc Coz, Cardiff University.
• Modelling the transport and decay of Faecal Indicator Organisms at a sub-daily time scale in estuarine and coastal waters, Jonathan King, Cardiff University.
• Using continuous multivariate time-series data in real-time water quality modelling: investigating the effects of catchment and water resource management, Josie Ashe, University of Exeter.
• Automating detection of faults in small wastewater pipes using CCTV footage, Josh Myrans, University of Exeter.



All cohort 1 students produced a poster of their research, and cohort 2 students discussed their research ideas with industrial partners, in order to acquire ideas from experts in their fields.