YPN-WISE Micro-Presentation Event


The first collaborative event between the IAHR-YPN Cardiff and the WISE programme took place in November 2016. Held at Cardiff University there were presentations from students of both groups.

DSC_7536As with previous YPN events, presentations were given in the 5-minute ‘elevator pitch’ format.  Three main research areas were covered: numerical modelling using the TELEMAC suite, experimental and numerical modelling of tidal turbines and hydrology.

The event was a great success with a large turnout of students from the four WISE universities and industry members. Following the success, it is hoped that there will be further collaborations with the WISE programme.


The presentations were as follows:

  • David Glover, Cardiff University: Modelling Flood Dynamics of the Somerset Levels using TELEMAC
  • Stephen Clee, Cardiff University: 3D Modelling of Offshore Sandbank Dynamics
  • Jonathan King, Cardiff University: Modelling the impact of microbial sources on water quality; A study on the designated sampling point in Swansea Bay
  • Filipa Adzic, Cardiff University: Low-head cross-flow turbine
  • Luis Priegue, Cardiff University: Optimisation of a vertical axis tidal turbine and testing of a prototype in an unblocked environment
  • Lina Stein, Bristol University: Application of a new formulation for hydrologic transport using time-variable transit time distribution
  • Rosie Lane, Bristol ty: National Scale hydrological modelling for the UK
  • Ken Vui Chau, Cardiff University: LES Study on Asymmetrical Compound Channel with Abutments and Bridge

For more information on YPN Cardiff please contact Jonathan King.DSC_7549