World Water Day 2018


World Water Day recently took place on March 22nd. Every year, this day is a great opportunity to focus on the importance of water. So this year, five WISE CDT students from the University of Bath; Jack Waterstone, Levke Ortlieb, Ioanna Stamataki, Olivia Cooke and Olivia Bailey had their own stand at their university’s postgraduate and staff restaurant entrance, with the aim of engaging people about water.


Compared to their recent visit to the ‘Bath Taps into Science’ Festival, the audience of this outreach activity was considerably different and therefore these students had the challenge of finding different ways to approach and engage this particular audience. They talked about people’s water footprint and quizzed them on how much water it takes to make different foods/objects e.g. a bar of chocolate, a pair of jeans. They also had a water quiz that people were asked to complete during their lunch break and were delighted and surprised to discover how many people engaged with it. In addition, everyone was amazed by how effective their low-cost sand and gravel water filters were in cleaning the muddy water. Finally, the Wessex Water water-saving devices were a big hit giving them the opportunity to explain the importance of saving water and hopefully encourage people to change their habits. 


This group of students are passionate about discussing the importance of water with the aim of influencing people’s perception, and are excited to discover and showcase new ideas for World Water Day 2019!