Jack Waterhouse

Project: Assessing risk to water security in complex coupled catchment-reservoir systems

Supervisors: Dr Thomas Kjeldsen and Dr Lee Bryant

Jack Waterhouse is a PhD student, currently in the first year of the WISE CDT programme, and will be based at the University of Bath starting next academic year. He graduated with a BSc in Geography from Lancaster University and during the completion of the degree specialised in Catchment Hydrology and Surface-Water Quality.

A final year dissertation project explored the link between longitudinal dispersive behaviour of headwater stream channels and diffuse Nitrogen and Phosphorous pollution from agricultural sources. The project aimed to link the adjective and diffusive transport characteristics of several stream reaches to related dead-zone characteristics using ADZ modelling.

Jack is interested in carrying out further work into modelling and analysis of pollutant transport in river channels, especially in the capture and analysis of high frequency monitoring data to study extreme hydrological events and their impacts on pollutant dynamics at better resolutions – in order to prevent and mitigate the impact.

Research Interests

  • Hydrological modelling
  • Pollutant and sediment transport
  • High-frequency time-series data collection/analysis
  • Flood risk and prevention


2017 Summer School Research Poster