Gwyn Hennessey

Project: Beach erosion and recovery

Supervisors: Dr Chris Blenkinsopp and Dr Nick McCullen

Prior to joining the WISE CDT PhD Programme, Gwyn graduated with a BEng in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Cardiff University and following this an MSc in Environmental Engineering from Queens University Belfast.

During his Master’s, Gwyn completed several projects regarding the remediation of contaminated land, contaminant transport and renewable energy strategies for existing buildings. In addition he completed modules in fields such as Hydrogeology, Modelling of Contaminant Transport, Coastal Engineering, Tidal Energy and Waste Management.

Research Interests

  • Renewable energy technologies
  • Sustainability
  • Coastal engineering and processes
  • Water quality assessment and improvement
  • Water recycling
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Water resources in developing countries


2017 Summer School Research Presentation