Transferable Skills Event

In April 2017 WISE students are joining up with another Centre for Doctoral Training, STREAM, for a special three day event at the University of Exeter. A number of key speakers from the University aims to give students of both programmes a lively balance of transferable and leadership skills. The workshops and talks will help WISE students tackle workplace challenges that they could face as they enter their careers as engineers at the end of their time on the programme. The topics are varied. Dr Neil Hayes is speaking on Patenting and Intellectual Property – an area of interest to engineers facing a career in industry. Some areas of discussion will be more general. For example Dr Caitlin Knight will explain the usefulness of marketing and communications for those who work in science and engineering. In advance of the event, the WISE Director Professor Dragan Savic said “While it’s hugely important that WISE students focus on their academic studies, we have always believed that preparation for the world of work is vital too. Skills in negotiation, commercialisation of research and developing a business model are useful for engineers in industry”.

Dates of the event are 24-26 April. For more information please contact Deborah Ford.