Summer School 2018

The fourth annual WISE CDT Summer School took place at the Orchardleigh Estate, just outside Bath from 18th-22nd June. For the first time, students from all four cohorts were present, with the week consisting of student presentations, a water themed “Challenge”, site visits, as well as numerous talks from leading academic and industrial partners.

For this year’s “Challenge”, students were asked to develop a new business plan for a water utility company that leads to a significant reduction of water abstraction from resources and increase in water efficiency in the UK by 2050. Each group was reviewed by panel of 5 judges and were marked according to their originality, innovation, practicality and presentation skills. The award was presented by Professor David Butler to the winning team, which consisted of Lina Stein, Zara Visanji, Nefeli Makrygianni, Paula Vicente and David Birt. Their water company was named “Wiser Water” and their mission was to provide provide clean and safe water for all of their customers now and in the future, and aim for water security. 

The other awards consisted of:

  • Best performing Postgraduate School student – Sebastian Gnann and Giulia Giani
  • Best Cohort 4 PhD Project Presentation – Zara Visanji
  • Best Poster – Josh Myrans (Cohort 1), Maria Xenochristou (Cohort 2), Dolores Gonzalez (Cohort 3) and Stephanie Muller (Cohort 4)
  • Most supportive Postgraduate School student – Bert Swart


The 2017-2018 WISE CDT Annual Report was also published during the Summer School; highlighting the activities of our WISE CDT students over the past year. The report is available to view here.