Students participate in EGU Conference 2016

Students Ludovica Beltrame, Barney Dobson and Wouter Knoben attended the European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly 2016, in Vienna, Austria.

Topics covered ranged from volcanic activity to solar exploration, water resources, hydrology and the like. The conference hosted some 5000 oral presentation and over 10000 poster presentations over its five days.

Ludovica gave a short presentation on the mechanistic fluke risk model currently under development, which explicitly couples hydrological and epidemiological processes. Her interdidisciplinary session brought together works on infectious diseases and their relationships with changing climatic and hydrological conditions. Wouter’s poster focussed on the first insights gained from a multi-model comparison study, where he investigated how different ways of modelling the vegetation interception process influence model outputs.

Barney presented a poster on the uptake of various water reservoir optimization methods by industry, and was able to discuss preliminary results from interviews with water managers.

Barney presented poster on reservoir operation optimization, a set of mathematical techniques which improve the efficiency of operating water supply network; Barney aims to review these methods and improve their uptake by practitioners, the conference allowed him to meet may of the people at the forefront of developing these techniques.

The students found the conference a great opportunity to meet fellow researchers and gain an insight into the research areas of others; The presentations were useful to get an introduction into someone’s research and posters provided centre points for discussion. Overall an exciting and extremely useful event!

See the posters presented by Barney, Ludovica and Wouter at the conference.

Further information on EGU can be found on the conference webages.