Student Blog: Christmas Lunch

Christmas time is approaching and with many people leaving for the Christmas holidays, we decided it was a good idea to have some thing to conclude our first term together. We settled for a Christmas lunch, where everyone should bring a dish of some sorts.

We invited some of the CWS staff as well who appeared quite happy to share in the extraordinary amount of food we managed to provide. A quick sample: roast potatoes (like, a LOT of them), cold meats, a selection of cheese and bread, salmon pastries, gingerbread men, and a huge assortment of various cakes and other sweets. All home-made (or at least the effort had been taken to go to the shop rather than have it home-delivered) and obviously delicious!

Throw in some Christmas crackers for fancy crowns, annoying puzzles and jokes of varying quality and we had a very nice pre-holidays lunch!