Research visit to Harvard University: Stephanie Müller

This is something we haven’t been able to report for a long time due to COVID-19 !  

Stephanie Müller (Cardiff 4, Cardiff) has recently returned from a successful overseas research visit.

Stephanie travelled to the USA in October-December 2021 and was hosted by Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where she joined Professor Petros Koumoutsakos’ research group in the Institute for Applied Computational Science to refine her PhD research.

Stephanie benefitted greatly from her time at Harvard and access to its facilities, learning new numerical approaches and developing a better understanding of turbulent wake structures downstream of a vertical axis turbine under confined flow conditions.  Stephanie became an active member of the group and participated in laboratory journal clubs, weekly group meetings and presentations.

Stephanie considers that both Harvard and Cardiff universities gained benefits from her research visit, as experimental data is being shared for validation purposes and to enhance computational approaches.  The visit enhanced existing collaboration between the two institutions and will be continued: future joint journal or conference papers are envisaged.

On a personal level Stephanie relished the chance to experience student life at a world-leading university and was able to immerse herself in American culture by visiting Boston and New York and through exploring the local area in her free time.