Research Visit: Paul Bayle


Paul Bayle has been the leader in the field for a major EU-funded prototype-scale laboratory experiment. The tests took place at the GWK large scale laboratory flume in Hannover, Germany, over August and September 2017.  While senior academics were present at the laboratory for around 50% of the time, during all other times Paul was responsible for ensuring that the experiment continued to run smoothly and provide updates to the international project partners. 


The experiment aimed to assess the performance of a new kind of coastal protective structure called ‘dynamic revetment’. The experiment was designed to assess the behaviour and the capacity of the revetment to adapt and protect sandy beach against waves attack and Sea Level Rise. The experiment was also designed to provide a large range of morphodynamic data required for a better understanding of general coastal processes under Sea Level Rise. The highly complex experiment, involving 7 partners and a large array of instrumentation was completed successfully within the available time and budget.


Paul will be furthering his research by undertaking another research visit with one of the Australian University partners involved in the above described experiment.