Professor Jörg Imberger Lecture 16th May 2018


On Wednesday 16th May 2018, we were fortunate enough to welcome Professor Jörg Imberger to the University of Exeter during his packed trip to the UK. Jörg delivered a lecture to our WISE CDT students and Centre for Water Systems students, researchers and academics, providing a though-provoking and inspiring talk as well as an opportunity for our students and researchers to discuss ideas with him.


Jörg is a highly respected international expert in fluid mechanics, a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and is also a recipient of 30 major honours, including the Stockholm Water Prize. His talk was titled ‘Global Warming: Hot Air or a Real Threat with no Solution to be found on the Internet.’ His main talking points include:

  • Global warming is a “human problem, not a technical problem.”
  • “We have a lot of technical solutions but we don’t know how to get people to do the right thing.”
  • We need to “educate people to ‘want’ what is good for them.”


We would like to thank Jörg and Professor Roger Falconer for their time. Following his lecture, Jörg said “I had a great day all round. I especially enjoyed talking to your students.”