Presentation of WISE CDT Student Research at HIC2016 in South Korea

Josh presents his work in South Korea

Josh presents his work in South Korea

WISE CDT student Joshua Myrans recently attended the 12th International Conference on Hydroinformatics (HIC) 2016 in Songdo, South Korea where he presented a year’s worth of his research to leading international experts.

HIC focusses on the application of modern computing techniques to problems faced in the water industry. Over the course of the 4 day conference many academics and representatives from industry presented their work, covering a broad spectrum of water related issues. Common themes of the work included advancements in computing technologies that directly benefit hydrological models and the application of machine learning techniques to optimize water systems.

Joshua’s work concentrates on automating the detection of faults in wastewater networks. He discussed how the current surveying techniques could be sped up, using computers to automate segments of the process assisting engineers in the field. The methodology developed to combat the problem used a combination of image processing and machine learning techniques to produce a solution that could be generalised to most wastewater pipes.

Further information about Josh’s research can be found here; for more details of HIC 2016, please see the conference website.