Student blog: GW4 Alliance launch London

DSC_3943This 29th of October, the GW4 Alliance was formally launched, with a reception in the House of Commons, London. As WISE students we were allowed (invited even) to attend with a number of people. A random draw picked the 8 lucky ones who could take a trip to London, spend the early evening networking in the House of Commons and explore London by night!

First off, this was an amazing opportunity to have a look inside Parliament. We managed a peek into a session in the House of Lords as well, waiting for the event to start. What followed was a 2 hour event with speeches, champagne and amiable conversation with academics and fellow students. Way too quickly the cleaning staff politely asked us to leave and we had to vacate the premises.

Being in London anyway, we decided to see of few more sights (the insides of a pub that is, very scenic) and continue our night out. Unfortunately the event organizers hadn’t taken our lectures on the day after into account and we had to leave the hotel quite early. Still, a great way to spent an evening!