Exeter visit from Jan Vreeburg

Next month on 10 February Jan Vreeburg is visiting WISE students in Exeter for a special seminar. Jan is Associate Professor at Wageningen University. Jan Vreeburg is an expert in the field of distribution of potable water, water quality in the networks, asset management and new concepts for design and operation of networks.

Dr Vreeburg wivreeburgll talk on his past, present and future work. In particular ‘Water Out, Shit In’: originally sewers were designed to transport as quickly and as far away as possible, leading to large sewers. Now there are other requirements in resource recovery, demanding for small concentrated flows that are treated for maximum recovery. This demands for a paradigm shift and a gradual transition process. In each domain/stakeholder in the urban waste, water cycle adjustments and new techniques should be developed. The challenge is dual: technological and societal.

Research opportunities are numerous: from hydraulics in half filled pipes in relation to solids transport, clogging mechanisms in pipes (fat oil and grease deposits and build up) to coupling SIMDEUM to a “sewer production model”.