3rd IWA Resource Recovery Conference

This September, Olivia Bailey (Cohort 2, Bath) attended the 3rd IWA Resource Recovery (IWARR) Conference in Venice, Italy to present work resulting from a collaboration with her colleagues at TU Delft, Netherlands. The conference plenary sessions were given by some of the most influential people in the world in areas such as resource recovery and wastewater, and included Mark Van Loosdrecht (TU Delft), Willy Verstreate (U. Ghent), Miriam Otoo (International Water Management Institute) and Paul O’callaghan (BlueTech Research). This conference painted a promising picture of how the world is transforming into an increasingly circular place, where wastes are no longer considered that way but valued for the potential they have. No conference in Venice would be complete without a ferry ride to a masked banquet where 18th century musicians and dancers were on hand to teach attendees how to relax “Venetian style”!