2020 Godfrey and Sue Hall Postgraduate Research Student Prize: Olivia Bailey

Further to her recent viva success, Olivia Bailey (Cohort 2, Bath) has just been awarded the 2020 Godfrey and Sue Hall Postgraduate Research Student Prize.

Olivia’s research ‘Sewer Systems of the Future: Developing a stochastic sewer model to support design of sustainable wastewater systems’ focuses on bringing sustainability into our urban water cycle through using water more efficiently and maximising recovery of resources from wastewater.  The research takes place in the EPSRC Water Informatics: Science and Engineering Centre for Doctoral Training. Domestic wastewater is rich in nutrients that are usually wasted. These nutrients could be used to make valuable fertilisers or generate energy for households. Olivia has developed a stochastic model which can simulate the flow and water quality in sewer networks, based on water demand patterns of households in the catchment area. Her models have been experimentally validated in catchment areas in the UK, in collaboration with Wessex Water, and in the Netherlands, with TU Delft and Waternet.

Professor Jonathan Knight, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research) and Chair of the Prize Committee, said “The Committee was struck by the very high number and quality of entries to the prize this year and were delighted to note the diversity of doctoral research that was presented. Our warmest congratulations go to Olivia for her outstanding contribution to research at the University.”

After receiving the award, Olivia said, “I have really enjoyed my research and I am delighted to gain this recognition. I hope this research area will continue to grow and support the transition to a circular economy. Thank you to the Halls, the Committee and, of course, all those who have supported me throughout my PhD.”

The Godfrey and Sue Hall Postgraduate Research Student Prize is awarded on behalf of Senate by the Godfrey and Sue Hall Postgraduate Research Student Prize Committee to a postgraduate research student based on a high standard of achievement. Sponsors of the award, Godfrey and Sue Hall said, “We are privileged to be able to support this long standing award which this year is innovative, environmentally sustainable and vital in the conservation and effective reuse of waste water. We can see this project being extremely valuable globally and would like to congratulate Olivia on her impressive research.”